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The Bible does not provide a date for the Second Coming of Jesus, in spite of the scores of pundits and publications that claim otherwise. This biblical reality is canonized by Jesus when He says: of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.1 The Bible does, however, provide a detailed account of the 2300 days leading up to that day and hour that includes the identification of the three nations involved in the events that will initiate Opening Day of the 2300 day countdown: America, Iran and the Kurds.

According to the vast majority of the religious professionals – a.k.a., the Scholastics – America is not to be found in biblical prophecy. It is their contention that the prophet Daniel’s vision of a Western King storming into the middle east was fulfilled over two thousand years ago by Alexander, the Great, and his four generals that succeeded him. To reach this conclusion, it is necessary to not only ignore blatant historical errors, but to ignore the very words to the contrary that came out of the mouth of Jesus, Himself.

In this brief history of America during the beginning of the end, it will be shown how the Scholastics failed to adhere to the basic Laws of Biblical Thermodynamics in their commentaries on Daniel’s Western King. It will also show why the Casual Christian is woefully unprepared for the vividly described events destined for the nation now known as America. As Jesus so succinctly warns: Behold, I have told you beforehand.2


  1. Matthew 24:36 – All italics King James Version unless otherwise noted. All Bold mine.
  2. Matthew 24.25 - American Standard Version