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Introduction Download Introduction  

Part I: The 2300 Days of Daniel

Chapter 1 The Alexander Anachronism Download Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Law 3 & The Vision Download Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Madai, Paras and Yavan Download Chapter 3

Part II: America & The Days of Noah

Chapter 4 Law 2 & The Armies in Heaven Download Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Law 1 & The Great Escape Download Chapter 5
Chapter 6 The Seven Letters Download Chapter 6

Part III: The Four Notable Kings

Chapter 7 The 4th Notable Kingdom Download Chapter 7
Chapter 8 The 1st Notable Kingdom Download Chapter 8
Chapter 9 The 2nd Notable Kingdom Download Chapter 9
Chapter 10 The 3rd Notable Kingdom Download Chapter 10
Chapter 11 Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin Download Chapter 11


Appendix I Families of Noah Download Families of Noah
Appendix II The Little Horn Verses Download The Little Horn Verses
Appendix III The Isles Download The Isles
Appendix IV Fate of Nations Download Fate of Nations
Appendix V Prophetices Fulfilled Download Prophetices Fulfilled
Appendix VI Map Japheth Brothers Download Map Japheth Brothers


The Japheth Brothers Download The Japheth Brothers Map  


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